JANUARY 24TH, 2014

From Intern to Inspiration

Former Rocawear intern Amy Théard is making strides in the world of art with her original art-work paying tribute to the likes of Biggie, Aaliyah, Kanye West , and Bob Marley at Milk River, the newest Brooklyn hot-spot.


Théard is a Haitin-born artist, currently based in New York City. Her appreciation and love for the arts transpired at an early age, and after a year-long stay in her native country of Haiti in 2012, she discovered her love for painting.

“I want to touch the world with what I create and bring a sense of awe and wonder to each person who encounters my work” states Theard in regards to her pieces.



She has commissioned paintings for celebrity clientele and was recognized by Casa Frela Art Gallery as a featured artist in their 2013 Harlem Art Walking Tour. She has also been interviewed by Revolt TV, and profiled by Lucky Magazine for her work.

Congratulations to a former member of the Roc Team on her accomplishments and impact on the artistic world!