Jay Z’s Top Rocawear Mentions In His Music

When Jay Z brought Rocawear to the masses, it was something he was proud of and wanted to succeed. Of course the best promotional vehicle would be the music. Hov has never not brought up his brand, and there are several songs where he name checks Rocawear. Check out the tracks, where Rocawear is mentioned.

1. “All I Need”

In the Bink! produced track off The Blueprint, Jay Z lists all of the things he “needs.” Among them? Nike Airs (check), a mean bucket (uh huh), that new coupe (got that), and at the tippy top? Why Rocawear of course.

2. “Guns And Roses” (with Lenny Kravitz)

Not only is Heavy D on the beat, but Jay Z recruited Lenny Kravitz for the track. So there’s slick guitars, a hot beat and some Rocawear shouts. “Rocawear, I’m the young black Ralph Lauren,” Hov says. Listen to the track here.


3. “Poppin’ Tags” (with Big Boi, Killer Mike, & Twista)

Kanye West is on the beat as Jay Z grabs some other prominent fixtures in Rap to deliver a track about, well, poppin’ tags. The tags he pops include Air Max’s, And1′s, and yes Rocawear. Check it out.

4. “Take You Home With Me A.K.A. Body” (with R. Kelly)

Jay isn’t talking about draping himself in Rocawear threads, he’s talking about putting a lady in them. “I think I might wife her,” he says, “Y’know, powder blue Rocawear suit, white Nike her.”

5. “U Don’t Know Remix” (with M.O.P.)

Everyone loved the track “U Don’t Know” so much that they wanted more. M.O.P. chimed in for the remix, and Jay Z brings another Rocawear reference. Jay chants, “Mo’ fire, more Rocawear attire. Mo’ money, mo’ murder not that M.O.P.’s hired.” Bang bang.